lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

*Maracaibo is best city in Venezuela*

Maracaibo a beautiful land full of hope and strength, inspires its inhabitants to take a step further and not faint.This level 4 of English, has taught me that nothing is impossible if you just believe in myself and I can do it if I do not fear, I met great friends, I took more than an academic learning, I took an apprenticeship of life. ..The fear of failure, not prevent me from reaching my goal YRIS RUIZ

In this level, I learn work with new keys to best study like blog in internet and class activities. I prefer the units 9 and 10because are so interesting. KATHERINE FERIA

take care and always keep our culture alive,I like to work hard on this issue ,Zulia is talented people DESSIRE RINCON


Maracaibo is best city in Venezuela, by its landscape, its people, its sun that never changes, their heroes, their homes, their memories and his bagpipesLevel 4 in English has been a great experience to share knowledge, meet friends, and learn the easy way language all units helped us develop the best of us in all areas:Knowledge, personality, talents, tastes, changes, memories, health.We thank God for this great learning opportunity

domingo, 27 de junio de 2010